Monday, June 6, 2011

My Thoughts on Weinergate

Congressman Weiner's actions were not private - these x-rated tweets were sent to people over his public Twitter account, which seems to reveal an official whose behavior has been, quite frankly, completely out of control.

Also, his lying to the media and the public was absolutely disgraceful.

However, I would really like to hear what the women who received these tweets think about the whole situation. That would really help, I believe, in understanding just how serious this whole scandal is. So, until we have that information, if ever, I can only take a stab at forming some sort of opinion about the whole matter.

Just because he is an elected official does not make him perfect. We all have our issues. If he deals with whatever caused him to carry out these self-destructive acts, then I think he should keep his job. He has been an outspoken voice for progressive causes at a time when we need MORE of them, not less.

Congressman Weiner has been, until this incident, an outstanding public official. This is a man who has devoted years of his life to public service. Before you form your own conclusions, I invite you to pay a visit to this page and see for yourself: We should not be rash in discarding a local official of Anthony Weiner's caliber and abilities.


  1. If he lied about this, how can we believe anything he has previously said or done. He's an embarrassment and should just go quietly. Maybe the Gardens will kick him out too!