Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Peek Inside La Boulangerie

Here are some photos taken today of the inside of the new French bakery/cafe under construction near the corner of Austin St. and 72nd Road. Last I heard it is supposed to open this month:


  1. Another Bakery?! Ug

  2. Unlike Anonymous, I feel La Boulangerie is a very welcome addition to our neighborhood! I spoke with the owner, Francois, about a month ago and learned that the focus of La Boulangerie will be on fresh breads and croissants. They will also be serving sandwiches.

    I feel it's a great addition to our neighborhood. Finally, a French bakery for fresh bread!

    I've also opened discussion with Francois about offering bread baking classes come the fall (he's open to it).


  3. Crossing Queens Blvd.June 6, 2011 at 7:10 AM

    I also met the owner about three months ago and he's very excited to open and provide something unique in the neighborhood. When he saw me peeking through the window he invited me in, gave me a tour, and told me what he had planned for the business.

    This is a much needed boost to Austin St. retail and an incredibly nice business owner too.

    I wish them well!

  4. I agree with anon! This is something we need in our neighborhood. Somewhere you can go get a coffee and a treat (besides Marthas). I'm happy to welcome it!

  5. I hope they use butter. Can't wait.

  6. Do I smell a Real bakery? I hope, hope, hope it will have great fresh breads and rolls. Forest Hills needs a great bakery. Martha's and Europan are alright but they are like grocery stores. They're not authentic bakeries.