Monday, July 25, 2011

I Dare Say...

... that it looks like something is coming into this long empty space, also on Austin down near Ascan. Not sure what just yet...


  1. Gender sign + Love Yourself = Sex shop?

    The male gender throws me off because I think it'd be more appropriate if it was a female gender sign but...

    Actually I take it back. There is NO way FoHi would allow any kind of sex shop in their neighborhood.
    It'll probably be a men's clothing shop selling mesh tanks and pleather pants

  2. Oh, sorry, I should have written in the post that the Dare sign is old. It was already there. Whatever is coming in will be something else.

  3. Crossing Queens Blvd.July 25, 2011 at 4:45 PM

    As Drake pointed out, "Dare" was the name of the Chelsea-like underwear/shirt/accessories store that lasted approximately two months.

  4. I'm happy any time a new businss comes in. Those stores empty for so long were very depressing.

  5. Things that I wish would come to FoHi in no particular order. I know that you could find these places close by if you had a car but lots of people in FoHi don't have a car.

    - a good shoe repair place. The ones I've gone to kept telling me how they don't fix straps or replace soles or were quoting me $85 to replace a heel

    - a take out place with home made foods like salads, soups, roasted chickens, sandwiches, tarts,etc

    - a hardware store that didn't close at 6 pm.Some of us work all day but still need to buy light bulbs and paint

    - a bicycle shop

    - ethnic restaurants (besides Greek, Thai and Italian)

    - a place that sells china, glasses, candles, etc for when you need a good but generic gift that gives you attitude or charge a lot of money

    - adult boutique

    - 24 hour gym

    - 24 hour laundromat

    - a really good deli (Jewish, German, Italian, I don't care)

    - a proper spa not the $30 for a 20 min massage at the nail salon spa

    - a computer repair shop

    - Doughnut Plant

    - Ricky's

    - Lush

    - Knife sharpening place

  6. Knives, an adult boutique AND shoe repair?! You have got to be kidding me! Even I must admit that this is just too much to ask.