Monday, July 25, 2011

To Lose a Hand for Brownies

So upon walking past the soon-to-be brownie place, Brownies & Cream (sp?), late today on Austin I noticed that there were a bunch of promotional cards stuck to the window of the place -- but behind the roll down gate! I stood there for a few seconds, imagining myself trying to squeeze my hand through the gate in an attempt to obtain one of the cards. After all, from what I could make out they had very tantalizing full-color photos on them of the brownies this place will soon dole out to hungry Forest Hillers. "What a find!" I thought to myself, thinking I would race back home, scan the cards and post immediately to Edge of the City! But then I also imagined myself standing there with my hand stuck in the gate, screaming for help like a fool and realized that, yes, while I do indeed love getting scoops for my blog, I am not willing to risk public humiliation... or the future use of my hand.

But I may try again tomorrow when the gate is up!

(Or, Mr. and Mrs. Brownie people, you can email a photo of your card to and I promise to post it in the space right below!)


  1. I think it's where the small Cabana restaurant used to be, between Sushi O! and Fresh Tortillas - this is near Ascan.

  2. yes, between Sushi Time and Fresco Tortillas

  3. Oh, come on ... suffer for your art :)