Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Don't Forget to Vote!

Remember, today is the special vote to determine who will take over Anthony Weiner's congressional seat. Be sure to cast your vote for Democrat David Weprin! If you don't love Weprin, at least you'll be voting against the radical Bob Turner! Just what we need, more Bush-era policies to make our economy even worse! Vote for Turner and I predict if you think things are bad today, just wait. Check back on this blog in a couple of years from now. You think things are bad today? More of the Bush-era policies of supporting only the interests of the super rich over the rest of us. My God, these people even had the audacity to try to harm our entire nation by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, all in an attempt to score political points against Obama! Treason if I have ever seen it!

Vote for Bob Turner and I predict your head will be spinning in a couple of years things will be so bad here. You read it here first! :)


  1. I missed Guiliani when he was on Continental the other day. I didn't even know he was coming here.

    He has an excellent family and is a good and honorable man. One thing I disagree with Guiliani on is that the gun control laws are too strict in NYC. However the House wants to allowed concealed permits to be reciprocal from other states which I adamantly agree with.

    I supported John McCain for President last time, will support Bob Turner who I wanted right before the Weiner scandal erupted and everyone went after me back then saying how much they adored Weiner.

    So its ironic, most people never heard of Bob Turner when he ran against Weiner in the last regular election yet that he who I supported back then before we had the scandal and special election which knowing Weiner was totally predictable including that infamous eruption against Peter King from Seaford who was my previous politician who represented me in the house. Unfortunate I came here to a corrupt scandal ridden Queens with Anthony Weiner and lots of corruption in politics.



  2. Bob Turner has ties back to people of enormous credibility and will turn this country around.

    The blasting of Bob Turner on this topic was utterly appauling. We have enough corruption in politics as it is right now.

    David Weprin is a Blue blood democrat and tied back to the same liberal ideologies which have played havok to the state.

  3. Drake,

    You truly fail to understand fundamental economics. If you spend too much and do not have money to pay the bills - the cure is not to raise your credit limit. The cure is to curb your spending.

  4. 1 Hour 10 minutes to go for the results to come in.

    Bob Turner in da house!

  5. Bob Turner has won. CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Good luck with that... let me know how you're doing in a couple of years.

  7. You didn't give any cogent reasons to vote for Weprin other than that he wasn't Turner. Relax though, this was not an anti-Obama vote; it was just an anti-incumbent vote. Weprin represented the legacy of Weiner. Voters want change and BOTH parties stink. And my God, the Dem bosses couldn't even put up a candidate who lived in our district?

  8. "Dem bosses couldn't even put up a candidate who lived in our district?" There is a long history of selectively fielding out-of-town candidates in NY: Bobby Kennedy, Hillary Clinton. Last year they were going to put Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford up against Sen Gillibrand. The party has long depended on the ignorance of their rank and file voters in this state.