Sunday, October 23, 2011

More on New Pizza Place

The comment posted on this blog back on Oct. 10th has been confirmed! The popular pizza place Gloria's Pizza, which used to be in Flushing, is indeed moving into the space next to the Midway Theater. And boy, Gloria's seems to have a lot of devotees! I am really looking forward to trying it when it opens in a couple of months.

The confirmation is on Facebook and also on the Chowhound website:
(see the last comment on the Chowhound page)


  1. Exciting news. I'm a believer that we can use a solid pizza offering in the neighborhood. As of now, I limit my pizza outings to Tuscan Hills ... which I really find to be phenomenal. With that said, no slices available. I like Lillian's slices, but it's a hike. Gloria's will be a welcome addition if that Chowhound string is any indication of quality.

  2. I am extremely excited and anxious for the arrival of some REAL pizza to Forest Hills!I heard the new Gloria's will be right next to the Midway movie theater, so I will be sure to stop by as soon as it opens. Does anyone know when it will open?
    Sincerely, Karen H

  3. The comment on Chowhound dated Oct. 21st said within the next two months.

  4. I for one am so excited! I remember Gloria, I used to eat there when I was a kid bcs my mom did her fish shopping in flushing. I was so sad when they closed during my teenage years and I've compared every new pizza I've had since for the last 20 years to Gloria's. Some came close but none have ever been as good. My husband used to tell me I was hyping up my memories since he's not from NY originally. Now As luck would have it Gloria will be right up the block from me and I'll prove my husband wrong.

  5. I really hope it lives up to its expectations. I know I've had nostalgic moments about a few places that I used to love, but when I went back in adulthood, the 'magic' was gone.