Monday, November 14, 2011

Elevators Coming to Forest Hills Station?

Here's some photos of what we think are preparations for the installation of elevators at the 71st/Continental Ave. subway station.

Reports the photographer: "These photos were taken at the upper and lower level of the Queens-bound side of the station. And a mysterious blue structure is on the upper level of the Manhattan bound side as well."


  1. MTA capital construction at work. All projects are fully disclosed. It was well known already about the elevator coming to the station for the future.

    Just part of the process of the ADA laws which is really why it is being done.

  2. A mysterious blue structure. Now thats funny.

    In the entire subway system they place blue barracades when they do construction which has been consistently going on.

  3. Finally after 15 years of talks.....
    Let's see if this one will have the
    Same problems encountered at Union Tpke which has been out of order for 50% of the time. We will know in about 3 or 4 years