Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Skating for Stadium Site?

A lot of is  happening over at The West Side Tennis Club this week. They're the one's who hold the fate of the historic Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in their hands.

Tonight, they are voting on a new president, the results of which could influence any future decision on what to do with the Stadium, which has just sat there mostly unused for years now.

Then on Friday is another deadline for the latest proposals for what to do with the Stadium.

The Daily News reports that one proposal would have a non-profit group turn it into an indoor ice skating rink during the winter and an art and music events venue during the warm weather. The idea would preserve much of the historic building at the same time.

As a Forest Hills resident, the proposal to turn it into an ice skating rink and music events venue sounds like the right one to me. It would draw people into the area from all over the City, helping our local businesses, some of whom are struggling in this weak economy. And it would also be a great new attraction for local residents to enjoy. And all while preserving the Stadium itself, which is a historic landmark in so many ways it is absolutely laughable that it is even possible that some are thinking of tearing it down. Jackie O (who saved Grand Central Station from the sad fate of the glorious old Penn Station which was demolished to make room for the ugly series of underground mole-like tunnels we call a Station now) must certainly be turning over in her grave at the thought.

Here's a link to the Daily News story: Fate of Historic Forest Hills Stadium May Rest on Crucial West Side Tennis Club Vote


  1. It would be fantastic to incorporate a farmer's market into these plans as well considering the poor grocery options we have in FOHI. Modeled after the Union Square Farmer's market.

  2. If someone wants a Farmers market, you can put those anywhere. This locaton is unique and it has close proximity to the railroads and to a vacant parcel of land on austin street.

    I say relocate the power transformers on 69th avenue south of the LIRR by Burns street and connect that vacant lot on Austin Street with an overpass over the LIRR for people to walk.

    You can't do a bridge overpass and connect to Austin with cars because it would create nightmarish traffic condition.

    Then you will have 2 construction sites coming online. The Stadium Site and the vacant Austin street site which will both be able to be accessed easily.

    Residential housing IMHO is a bad use of the resource.

  3. How about a small helipad for easier commutation times?

    Perhaps modeled in the form of Burj Al Arab hotel helipad or something akin to that?

    Residential housing is just a bad idea quite frankly at that site.

  4. The side of Austin street on the other side of the tracks combined with the stadium project could lead to a revitalization of that section.

    Put a passenger walkway across Austin Street.

    A Helipad could be put at the top of any facility there. But underneath other than say a Hotel, what else could it be used for?

  5. An ice skating rink would be a much needed attraction in FH for residents old and young, since we have no forms of amusement here other than movie theaters, which don't quite count.

  6. An ice skating rink would be a good idea. Family friendly fun. It would accommodate much more people than the current tennis courts which need to charge exhorbitant fees for its small membership base.

  7. I like my Hotel and Helipad idea with a passenger walkway over Austin Street :)

    Ice Rinks are a dime a dozen and this isn't a park.

  8. As long as the exterior is maintaned, I really have no interest in what it becomes. Irrelevant for me.