Monday, November 7, 2011

More on Tennis Stadium

Here's a link to an article in The Daily News from Sunday that includes a drawing of the proposal for its use as an ice skating rink and arts and music center:

Queens' West Side Stadium, longtime home of U.S. Open, could reopen as venue for arts, concerts and hockey if non-profit's plan is approved

I love Karen Koslowitz' comment in the article.... She expresses absolutely no enthusiasm, but only trepidation, for this great idea, and one of the first to be backed by people powerful enough, with the City-wide connections, to actually make it happen! Doesn't she care about the health of local businesses all along Austin St., who would all benefit greatly from the added foot traffic if this wonderful historic stadium was brought back to life for public use? And what about the property values throughout the Forest Hills area which would all rise from the opening of an upscale attraction such as this? How short-sighted can you possibly be?? Jeez! What a waste of a public office :(

Here's another link, to a video on NY1 about the proposal: New Proposal Aims To Bring Sports Back To Historic Queens Stadium

And here's very comprehensive coverage, with loads of details about this new proposal—and previous ones—from the great blog by Rego-Forest Preservation Council Chairman Michael Perlman: Forest Hills Tennis Stadium May Have A Sports & Entertainment Future

Perlman's piece explains that the Club's membership will eventually have to vote on any proposals for the site: "For a proposal to materialize, it would be subject to a review by the Stadium Committee, and in 2012, it would need to pass by a 2/3 vote of WSTC voting-eligible members, followed by approval of the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation."

But perhaps most importantly, Perlman also points out this latest development at The Club: "A seemingly greater path towards the stadium's restoration and creative reuse was discovered on November 3, 2011, when the WSTC elected Roland Meier as their new President over Kenneth Parker, who was reportedly anti-preservation."


  1. I'll preface this by saying that I'm not a Karen Koslowitz fan, but I think it's important to not take her comment out of context.

    Her 'trepidation' according to how I'm reading the article is strictly in reference to hosting concerts at the stadium. In this respect, she is supporting her district as the reggae concerts in the late 90s were not well received by individuals who live around the stadium ... and understandably so.

    Again, the article gives very limited insight in regards to the Councilwoman's definition of "tame" event.

  2. According to the article, "In the 1990s, residents of the well-kept residential blocks in the area were up in arms over rowdy concertgoers littering, urinating on lawns and starting fights."

    I'd be upset too if I lived in that proximity

  3. I think you both raise good points, but Koslowitz really is not supporting this excellent idea is she? She only voices negative-toned concerns about it. Looking at all of the empty store fronts on Austin, wouldn't it be nice to have a strong magnet in the neighborhood to make Forest Hills a draw once again to people from all over the City?
    Also, I recall she once supported the tepid, rather pathetic idea of tearing down this one of a kind iconic landmark to build "senior housing" in place of the stadium. I'm a big supporter of senior housing, but not when it comes to destroying an historic landmark that has the potential to boost the local economy if used correctly!

  4. Drake, it's difficult to tell what Koslowitz's overall position is based on the Daily News article. The author used one quote from her that fit his article.

    I'd love to hear her overall position on the proposed ice rink (which I personally love!), but this article doesn't provide that detail.

    I do believe that her position in regards to banning future concerts from the facility is an appropriate one based on the community outrage that occurred as a result of those shows in the late 90s.

  5. They could limit it to "quieter" music concerts.

  6. Thank you, Drake, for featuring the link with quotes to the Rego-Forest Preservation Council Blog. I embrace your term "magnet" in regard to how the stadium's potential revitalization could pose a number of long-term benefits to the surrounding community. I appreciate your well laid-out views.

    I agree with how concerts could be limited to "quieter" concerts, and also feel that the WSTC and any partnership should be responsible for appropriate security measures, so events shouldn't get out of hand, in comparison to how it did in the early 90s, for example.

    Please let me know which proposal would involve introducing an ice skating rink at the site. I haven't seen it. Thanks!

  7. I don't give a crap about this stadium site.

    Repeat after me:

    I don't give a crap abut this stadium site.

  8. That's obvious... What do you give a crap about?