Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apple Store: Why, and Why Not?

Here are some thoughts on why I think Apple would want to open a store on Austin, and why it wouldn't:

  1. The company could make another big splash by redesigning a stand-alone building in a major Queens hub. They like to do something eye-catching architecturally sometimes, rather than just open another mall outlet. An Austin St. location, especially that large empty building down near Barnes & Noble, could provide that.
  2. Our demographics are very Apple-friendly. A lot of young people moving into Forest Hills. And, a lot of people with money.
  3. Easy proximity to transportation, from all the subway lines to the LIRR to Queens Blvd.
  4. Our demographics are very Apple friendly. A lot of people with just an average amount of money. Have you looked at Apple products lately? You don't need to have a lot of money to snag an iPod.
  5. The lack of parking. Yes, that's right, the lack of parking. You don't need a car to buy an iPod which clips onto your tie.
  6. The lack of parking, part 2. How much more hip can you get than an Apple store which caters to all the young people of Queens who don't drive, but walk? And Apple likes to be hip.
  7. Space. We have lots of it on Austin.
  8. Forest Hills. It's an up and coming neighborhood. How many are there in Queens?
  9. Forest Hills - it has one thing Queens Center Mall and Rego Center don't have. Um, it's actually fun to shop! (And would be even more fun... if we had an Apple store :) )
Why Not:
  1. The developer has reportedly bragged about big deals like this before, and they haven't come to fruition.
  2. Foot traffic, or lack thereof. Apple might be taking a risk. Would the store attract enough customers, compared with, say, the Queens Center Mall?
  3. Forest Hills - our neighborhood is changing, but that's just it, it is changing. Its demos are partially very Apple-friendly. But there's also a large part of the population that still uses typewriters ;)

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