Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fly The Unfriendly Skies

Little old Mother Nature getting in the way of corporate plans, again. What are we humans to do I ask you???

Nonstop Flights Stop for Fuel
Dozens of Continental Airlines flights to the East Coast from Europe have been forced to make unexpected stops in Canada and elsewhere to take on fuel after running into unusually strong headwinds over the Atlantic Ocean.


  1. A: They should not be giving out refunds to passengers on those routes who get delayed.

    Funds should be reinvested back into a replacement fleet for the 757 which will be able to do the route without fuel stops.

    They can't be blamed for the changes in weather however.

    Eventually the 757's will get a replacement program for new planes and the 757's will not be used on these routes anymore in the future.

    New planes are constantly delivered but it takes a long time to build jets at the factories.

  2. Fly other airlines which fly appropriate equipment on those routes. There is a ton of competition in the aviation markets today. It is an open and transparent market with lots and lots of players. There have been mergers but there have been new airlines formed as well.

    47 out of 1100 flights is a very small number of delayed flights however. But if you know this in advance, you can book on another airline with different equipment types on these routes.

    People are not locked into carriers and the aviation market is as open as ever with lots and lots of competition amongst stronger carriers.