Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obama's New Link to Forest Hills

Obama's New Chief of Staff Is Queens Native, Mets Fan
"The New York story is the classic American story," said Jack Lew, who graduated from Forest Hills High School.
Jack Lew, the man stepping up to replace Bill Daley as President Obama's chief of staff, is a New York City native raised in Forest Hills and still has a home with his wife in a Bronx neighborhood.


  1. You mean just like Mark Rich of Forest Hills High School who Clinton Pardoned?

    Wasn't Lew working for Citibank who bet on the housing bubble. Yeah a real winner I must say.

  2. And to think the Bankruptcy judge wants to give Solandra employees bonuses?

    We need this administration out NOW, we can't wait.

  3. Solyndra rather. Was typing fast.

    Lew is an Obama crook no different than his pal Weiner or Mark Rich. All one and the same.

  4. - Iraq invasion (and all of the war crimes that followed this still unexplained action)
    - Hurricane Katrina response, or lack thereof
    - Economic Depression # 2
    - A Policy of Hate and discrimination against Gay people
    - Global warming/climate change denial
    - Valerie Plame (Deliberately blowing the cover of a CIA operative for political revenge - a treasonous offense against our country)
    - Pat Tillman (efforts to cover up his death by friendly fire to distract from Iraq War failures)
    Oh, I can go on and on... and I'm not even an expert on all this stuff. But the alleged misdoings you cite by democratic administrations are so incomparable to the despicable crimes by just the last Republican administration alone that it's laughable.

  5. Can't we get back to talking about more important things like what to eat in the neighborhood?

  6. Personally, I could give a rats behind about the labels "republican" and "democrat". Many of both parties are terrible, I doubt at this point in time there are really any good ones on either side.

    What our country DESPERATELY needs is a smaller government made up of honest, caring HUMAN BEINGS! Unfortunately, I don't see this happening any time soon, if ever, with most politicians in power being the almighty 1% of our society. What a shame!