Monday, January 23, 2012

The Future of Javits

I read this interesting article in The Times yesterday about how the Javits Center, currently in the midst of a huge renovation, could be leveled quite soon to make way for a cool west-side development. Its replacement? An enormous new convention center to be built right here in Queens, at the Aquaduct Racetrack in Jamaica.

My opinion about this? DO IT! It would serve to revitalize the eastern section of Queens, perhaps even with effects rippling all the way to Forest Hills. And, it would also make a lot of sense. There's more space there and NYC has been needing a convention center to compete with those found in other cities like Chicago, Atlanta and Vegas. So, it would boost the money the city made from that. And, the convention center would be so close to the two major airports. Imagine all the new hotels, etc. that would pop up in the nearby areas.

And, the development planned for the west side of Manhattan sounds like a much better use of that space there. I'm all for opening up that vista to the Hudson so that everyone can enjoy it. God knows we need more of mother nature here in the city.

Let’s Raze Javits Center (but First Finish Renovations)
Published: January 22, 2012
New plans to demolish the Javits Center are deflating to the architect in the midst of renovating that Manhattan convention center.

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  1. I have mixed feelings about this. While I dislike attending trade shows at the Javitz due to it's location (it's nearly impossible to get a cab back to mass transit once you leave the facility, and dining options are horrible for client lunches), I don't feel that Aqueduct solves that problem.

    I travel often, attending trade shows in cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. Not sure I'd be as quick to hop on a plane for shows in Aurora, Oakland, Summerlin or River Ridge.

    While I understand how such a facility could benefit Queens, at the end of the day, this proposition simply doesn't make sense logistically. Not only would you need to build a facility in Ozone Park, but you'd need to re-work mass transit to accommodate the flow of traffic in and out of the area. Right now I believe the only subway access is via the A line (???).