Thursday, January 5, 2012

Places I'd Like to See Expand

With Martha's Country Bakery expanding into a larger space on Austin right nearby (well-deserved, I might add), that got me thinking - which other neighborhood joints I'd like to see move to a bigger space?

Here's a few of my picks:

1) La Boulangerie - Every time I go into this marvelous place, there are more of two things: delectable delicacies on the counter, and customers!!! You guys have done a fantastic job and have created the best new food spot in Forest Hills. Now, all you need to do is move into a bigger space with more seats for us all to while away the afternoons...

2) 5 Burro Cafe - A friend and I tried to get into this hot Mexican restaurant on Austin over the New Year's weekend.... NOT!! It was even like 2:30 in the afternoon. We were told there'd be a 30 - 40 minute wait. That is so suburban of you guys. I can't remember the last time I was told there'd be a wait for anyplace here in Forest Hills. :)

3) Tuscan Hills - Oh wait, they are also already expanding. Way to go!

Add your expansion suggestions below...


  1. Sister Unn's into the two spaces to the left of it...ha!

  2. World of Cheese to sell other yummy deli goodies. NYSC to be on one level instead of getting my cardio going floor to floor. Ripe Juice Bar for more places to sit.

  3. crossing queens blvdJanuary 6, 2012 at 8:05 AM

    1) La Boulangerie should look into the logistics of outdoor seating in the warmer weather although I believe restaurants with more than 19 seats are required to have a public restroom (they have 18 seats). I wonder if having outdoor seating gets calculated into the bathroom requirement?

    2) Although not a big cheese eater or buyer, World of Cheese would benefit from a better storefront/awning. It is a small space but stocks some unique products and being able to see into the store from the street would make sense (think the fish store nearby).

    3) I always thought NYSC should have moved to the former Mandees/Annie Sez space. Since they opened new locations in both Rego Park and Atlas Park with their updated and more upscale look it just makes Forest Hills look very dated.

  4. Looking at this from a slightly different perspective, ideally a restaurant has a following that is willing to wait. Expansion isn't always in the restaurants best interest. 5 Burro is proof positive that folks will wait. They've been in that location for years and have had opportunities to expand, yet haven't. Smart move on their part IMO.

    As for La Boulangerie, I would really like to see them expand their menu to be more on par with Le Pain Quotidien. In that instance, expansion would be necessary.

    For now, I'd be happy if they could just get their act together behind the counter. They need one person manning the register and staff taking orders. While the staff is super nice, nice only goes so far and it has really painful ordering in there.

    Additionally, I'd like to see them brew coffee fresh, similar to Pasticceria Amore D'Italia. Whenever I order a regular coffee at La Boulangerie, I have to have them nuke it. It's always cold.

    As much as I really do love the concept of La Boulangerie, and feel their baked good are excellent, I've been avoiding the place recently.

    I don't really feel we need any of our current establishment to expand. We simply need more choice. I'm still hopeful that a gastro-pub, quality Taqueria and a wine bar will find their way to a new and improved Forest Hills. Then again, maybe if we all just start referring to it as FoHi, it will attract that kind of establishment????

    Happy New Year all!!

  5. Oh, I meant to add ... my "wish list" for the former Annie Sez space would be The Container Store! How great would that be!!??

  6. Chinese tex mex place fo sho.

  7. 5 burro did expand to a huge location in red hook, brooklyn (with roof deck!) and it got shut down from lack of business. keep it small and get there early!

    fohi needs a stronger connection from austin street to metropolitan ave. just had dinner at chalet aplina and it was great! they definitely could benefit from more vegetarian friendly items.

    with that said, it would be awesome if we had a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. the thai places do a great job, but a vegetable-haven would be ideal.

  8. I would love if Trader Joes took over the Mandees/Annie Sez space. I know there's a Trader Joes on Metropolitan (I think) but all the people rushing to get parking spots makes it dangerous for pedestrians.
    Get Mandees and Annie Sez back in that spot. I don't understand why they were forced out by the landlords. You would think they would rather get rent for that space than have it sit empty for 3 years.

  9. The rumor is that the Mandee/Annie Sez space will be a giant Asian supermarket. Are Asians the predominant race living in Forest Hills now? I this so from what I see.

  10. Hmmm, I think the human race is the predominant race living in Forest Hills now. I this so from what I see.