Monday, January 30, 2012

What's the Worst...

I am a pretty positive thinking person by nature. But heck, the lack of snow this winter has gotten me into a very cranky mood! So, I came up with this new recurring feature you will now see every so often here on EOTC (that is, until it snows)... I call it "What's the Worst..."

Today's What's the Worst?

Drum roll please...

What's the Worst Bagel you ever had?

It's Monday morning, arguably the most annoying part of the week. So let's ponder the worst bagels we have EVER eaten, near or far.

Here is my choice: A bagel from your generic street vendor/cart, pretty much any one. I was talking about this with a friend the other day and realized these are really not bagels at all. I think they are pretty much the pretzels these carts sell at lunch time, but without the salt. They are enormous, doughy, have absolutely no taste - basically, they are just a large mound of heavy dough. And, to add insult to injury, the vendor usually just slaps a square of cream cheese into the middle of it. He or she usually doesn't even bother taking a knife to it to spread the cream cheese around.

I also associate these dreadful bagels with the panic that comes from being late to work, usually on a Monday morning just like this one. After all, that's the only time I would grab one of these gobby monstrosities as a last-minute, stave-off-starvation, breakfast.

So, there you have mine... what's the worst bagel you've ever eaten?


  1. That would be my vote as well. I'd have to be pretty late and starving to have to get a bagel from these guys. They're just so heavy and chewy. I feel like it takes 10 minutes just to get through one bite.

    1. Blech... Exactly...I would imagine this is what prison bread would taste like. Any readers who have done time please confirm my thesis.