Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And Now, The Workers...

Until now it's been mostly residents fed up with the high cost of renting a closet-sized apartment in Manhattan who have been discovering our neighborhood. But, now, apparently, here come the workers -- and they don't even work for an airline! Go figure!

Tenant ditches Manhattan for Forest Hills
Bilinguals finds the space of its dreams—and a tax break—on the second floor of a building on the Queens neighborhood’s prosperous main drag.

I can just hear the conversations now:
"I really like living in Manhattan. Well, I guess the only thing I don't love about it is the commute. I mean, it takes like 30 minutes to get from my apartment in Manhattan to where I work in Forest Hills. In fact, I am thinking of maybe moving to Forest Hills, if only the apartments weren't so damn expensive! Oh. Wait. They aren't expensive... oh, and they're also enormous...hmmm."

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