Wednesday, February 22, 2012

iPads Coming to NYC Cabs?

Will iPads Replace TV Screens in NYC Taxis?

The first thing I thought was they would end up losing a lot of iPads!  :) But then I read that they are going to be embedded in the cars....

In any case, this would be neat for those, oh, like five times each year I actually take a cab. In fact, that's a whole other thing. Don't you love it how in TV shows and films set in New York City they always show everyone taking cabs? Puhlease! How often do real New Yorkers take cabs?

Oh, and one other thing. Now that they've actually gone and installed WIFI in some of the Manhattan subway stations, I miss it even MORE in those stations that don't have it. Mayor Bloomberg, you pride yourself on being so hip and trendy when it comes to things like green initiatives and what-not. I know you don't have much control of the MTA, but isn't there something you can do to get this done already? I mean, in this day and age, not to have phone service on the subways, or at least the platforms, really makes us look third world.

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