Friday, February 10, 2012

Austin Street Profiled in Wall Street Journal

FEBRUARY 10, 2012
Austin Street Keeps Pace With Forest Hills
Austin Street, the bustling commercial heart of Forest Hills, Queens, has solidified its status as a mecca for shopping, dining and entertainment, bringing in patrons from the neighborhood and beyond.
The mix of stores, restaurants and other establishments along the commercial strip has evolved over the years, with a number of businesses now catering to a younger clientele. But the steady rise of the neighborhood's profile has come at a price, with area rents rising—sharply in some cases—forcing some turnover.

And then, later in the article:
"We want to be wherever we can fill that niche where people are looking for organic and all-natural foods," said Bareburger founder Euripides Pelekanos. "Austin Street has the same vibe as Astoria—young, vibrant, educated, cool, open to new food ideas."

Another new business I think they should have mentioned is Emily's Sugar Rush...


  1. LOL, a candy store like Sugar Rush couldn't be further from organic, all-natural or healthy. What FH could use is a gourmet chocolatier. Dark, natural chocolate is healthy. Doesn't Sugar Rush mainly sell candies like those packaged and sold at CVS, Duane Reade, etc? Those are loaded with artificial coloring and flavoring, not too good for staying healthy.

    1. LOL yourself. Does your brain only recall the last couple of minutes of what you experience? The article only deals with natural food stores in the last few graphs. Why are you focusing solely on that? Emily's is an example of a great new store in our neighborhood... period. Have you been into it lately? The place is overflowing with all kinds of candy, both current and novelty. And no, it cannot all be found in CVS or Duane Reade. You should actually go and check it out for yourself before posting a negative comment.

  2. What is charming about Sugar Rush is that it is like an old school candy store. Very cute and nostalgic and with a name like that they certainly have no health claims. But I do agree that a chocolatier would be a welcome addition on Austin Street. As a Belgian I would love to have Neuhaus set up shop!!!!


    Aigner Chocolate on Metropolitan is fantastic!

  4. LOL - You should not write anything unless you actually have gone into the store. They have plenty of "Organic Chocolate". If you want Godiva or Chiradelli (So called gourmet chocolatiers) go to CVS, Duane Reade or for that matter Barnes & Noble. Emily's does not carry them. The do carry Chocolate Covered Bacon, Their own Dark Chocolate Block, Their own Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzles, Vanilla Chip Pretzles, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Chocolate Covered Pound Cake, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, Truffles.

    They Several types of Cordials and a multitude of different flavored Malt Balls. Are they high end chocolatiers - NO. But, they profess to be. I spoke with them - and they have plans for brining products from chocolatiers from France, Britian, Ireland and domestic award winning chocolatiers as well.

    Tried talking with them - you should maybe try the Almafi Bar, or the Wasabi Ginger - find that CVS.

  5. So are you, (the above poster) saying that Sugar Rush carries organic chocolate? I'm surprised, since there isn't much certified organic chocolate around. What is the percentage of cocoa in their dark products? 73%? 85%? They make these products in house?

    By the way, I did step inside their store, but admittedly did not stay long, as it is quite small. What I did notice was many glass containers filled with "penny" candies like m&m's and such that is sold in CVS type stores, except at much higher prices. I will take another look based on your post. In the meantime, Economy Candy in downtown Manhattan cant be beat a variety of chocolates and reasonable prices.

  6. I like this store and hope it continues to do well. At one time they carried 3 or 4 certified organic candy bars but I have not seen them lately. I know they carry a line of "organic" chocolate in the sense that there are no preservatives and use "organic" ingredients but I do not believe the chocolate to be certified.

    But, to the above, to say they are CVS is just wrong. They do not carry Godiva, Chiradelli, Russel Stover and the like. And, I have been to economy candy and they charge $16.99 per pound for chocolate and I spent 40 minutes on the train each way.

  7. Cheese of the World also carries Callebaut chocolate in bulk as well.....

  8. I was disappointed that Emily's was closed for two days. I just went in and they now have Organic Truffles from France.

    So, whom ever wanted Organic. They obviously listened.