Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doughnut Hell

By the way, if there is the equivalent of doughnut hell, I may have visited it -- but in a spectacularly good way. I sure hope this place, which I believe started on the Lower East Side a while back and this month opened on 23rd St. in Chelsea (at the Chelsea Hotel) does not come to Forest Hills any time soon (Please, please come to Forest Hills, as soon as you possibly can! ... Quiet!! ... F#!@OFF!!...)

Doughnut Plant Hits Chelsea


  1. Their donuts are a bit overrated and on the expensive side. The place is also usually riddled with tourists and hipsters.

  2. I think this place is great. Yes, they are expensive, but look at the quality compared to the typical chains (Dunkin, etc.). It's like comparing a pastrami sandwich from a famous deli to a chain.