Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Political Malaise

I've kind of been wondering why I have had absolutely no desire to post about the current presidential campaign. I think it's because somewhere deep down in my sub-conscious I realized a while ago that it was all so much more tedious than it is worth it. I concluded, oh, about three years ago, that Obama will probably be re-elected without much effort. And nothing, after these 20 Republican debates, has occurred to change that prediction in my mind.

It goes without saying that what passes for the Republican Party today is so out of touch with mainstream American voters that the party has virtually no chance of reclaiming the White House in the foreseeable future.

Of course, there's always the possibility that things spiral out of control, the center does not hold, etc.. etc... (Iran, oil shortages, EU collapse, etc... any of these crisis can become major at any time, potentially opening the way for one of the Republicans to somehow win the election), but barring that I think this will be a landslide win for Obama.


  1. The opposite is true. GOP will take over the helm.

    We already got rid of Anthony Weiner for Bob Turner.

    The wheels are in motion for new leadership and Queens has turned highly republican as of late.

    I see loads of new entrants to the Forest Hills republican club. In fact, all big name republicans have come through here as well as the little guy.

    I expect a very heavily GOP turnout in this coming election in our town, and I honestly believe that it is very possible for NY to be won by a GOP candidate in 2012 which will have a huge impact and allow the GOP candidate to win this election.

    1. Bubble:


    Mitt Romney :-)


    Tinyurl version of that url of Mitt Romney @ Forest Hills Republican Club

  4. The organization has been built from the ground up and participation will be very high.

    1. Great... It would be nice if you can direct the organization away from the Santorum-like hate and intolerance. That's some waaay scary shit going on there! A conservative friend of mine was telling me over dinner the other night it is alienating him from the Republican Party. Hope you can help move your party away from hate and more towards tolerance and inclusion.

  5. Mitt Romney would be a viable candidate if he actually stood for anything. He led Romney Care in MA, but now he's against it? He was against the Detroit bailout (which was needed bcs if those car companies went out of business, Detroit would have been bankrupted since they held the responsibility of paying out the pensions that the out of business car companies would have been absolved of doing if they filed chapter 11- a truth that most republicans ignore) but is against cutting spending? His state legalized gay marriage but he's against it an would propose a constitutional amendment to ban that right? Maybe if he wasn't so blatantly spewing what he thinks will get him elected, he would appear trustworthy. Not that Obama doesn't but at least it's not so ridiculously blatant.
    Then there's that nut job Santorum who really pisses me off because he opposes ore natal testing?!!! As a pregnant woman, I can't believe that anyone would want to take away my right to ensure that if there is something wrong with my baby, there can be specialists ready and prepared at the birth to give him the best care possible AsAP. I'm so
    Sure my OB sends me to tests just so that she can convince me to abort my baby. I'm catholic and he's embarrassing my faith.
    Let me remind you Weiner removed himself by his own stupidity and the dems didn't even try to win the seat. Also NY hasnt elected a democratic mayor since Dinkins. I voted for a republican Bloomberg myself. It doesn't mean NY would be uneducated enough to go for a nut like Santorum and I'd be surprised if the Bible Belt would nominate Romney as a candidate. If he won the nomination, the bible thumping psychos out there who elected bush wouldn't vote for him because he's too much like Obama. Just like Guliani who probably could have won a national election but couldn't make it past the conservatives.