Friday, March 30, 2012

Just Not That Concerned?

Today, we learn of this...

On the Run, Bin Laden Had 4 Children and 5 Houses, a Wife Says
Published: March 29, 2012
Testimony to Pakistani investigators by Osama Bin Laden’s youngest wife offered the most detailed account yet of the family’s life on the run preceding the raid in May 2011 that killed the Al Qaeda leader.

Which made me immediately recall this:

And while all those people were still mourning their loved ones here... It just made, and still makes me, so incredibly angry!

Is it any coincidence that just a short time after we got rid of the Bush Administration we then brought Bin Laden to justice? I don't think so... Something never sat right with me about the whole damn thing. Still doesn't. One day, hopefully, the whole truth will come out...


  1. While I didn't trust the Obama administration and still to this day don't, there is a lot of information even today that is classified TOP SECRET. A lot of action was going on in the CIA and other agencies that you sir or I would never be privy to. So please just give it a rest and please do NOT Quote any biased NY Times journalists either.

  2. As Dick Cheney has said in open mic before as has Donald Rumsfeld, and many many others:


    They are dishonest journalists looking to sell a paper to make money.

  3. NY Times isn't about honest journalism or stories, it is about sensationalism and getting to the top by all means necessary and that includes faking and distorting stories as we have seen time and time again from the NY Times Journalism team.

  4. Anonymous, don't lie, you're probably the fool that complained bare burgers burgers weren't big enough without even eating there. Sounds like something the uneducated would complain about... Anyway, irregardless of the fact that Fox news has been proven anything but fair and balanced and NY Times has a history of factual reporting, you can't deny that Bin Laden was killed under the Obama administration, and the war to destroy WMDs that did not exist in the name of a terror link that has been objectively proven did not exist and that which cost this country trillions of dollars was started under the Bush administration. You know you'd be singing a different tune if Bin Laden was taken down by president Bush or President Palin (I shudder to think), so just suck it up and admit he did good. As someone who watched the towers come down from my dorm room window that day, I am grateful to anyone who took that SOB out, democrat or republican, and if you consider yourself a NYer, or even an American, you should too.

  5. BWT-Ate at Bareburger with my son yesterday. Had the elk on brioche with fries. Great service, friendly staff. Elk was so good and the burger was a perfectly sized portion. So flavorful and juicy! Fries were pretty good too. I am going to have to space out my visits so I don't get fat but as a once and a while treat I will certainly be going back! : )

    1. Well elk and ostrich are leaner meats! Lol!