Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Latest News Tips...

I just received a flurry of news tips from readers, so I'll just lay them out here for you guys...

  1. Soleil on Austin St. has a "store for rent" sign on it.
  2. There's a big "Auction" sign in front of Ariana's Cafe on Austin and their kitchen equipment is out on the tables.
  3. Oh, and this is not a tip, but from CNN. A huge solar flare recently occurred. So if you can't reach this blog or use your cellphone over the next day or so, that's why. :)


  1. I went in a little while ago and the furniture discounts were a joke given the poor quality of the furniture. If you want to buy, wait a while for the prices to come down.

  2. I have to say that I will miss Ariana's. I know it wasn't the best pizza in NY or anything, but it was still tasty and great for when you are in the "2 slices and a coke" kind of mood. They were more convenient than A and J becuase they took creditcards too!

  3. Is Martha's Bakery taking over Ariana's space?

    everything in Soleil is overpriced, even their "everything must go" prices.

    1. No, Martha's is moving into the space on the other side of it, I think it was that Clear wireless store before.

  4. Drake, you are correct--The space that Martha's is taking over is the former Clear wireless space, which is larger than their current space. They are giving up their current space once they move over to the new space.

  5. Ariana's really went downhill after they tried to become a restaurant. That's when their prices jumped and their pizza went way downhill, I haven't eaten there in years. Hope something good opens up in its place. On the positive side, Bareburger opens on Monday!

  6. Still, if that's closed there's nowhere to get a slice of pizza on that side of Austin. Always seemed pretty busy in there... Surprising.