Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bad Mood

I was pretty shocked to discover that the fantastic Kew Gardens restaurant Mood has suddenly closed. This was by far one of my favorite local restaurants. Its delicious food - everything from steaks to chicken to fish - could compete with the best anywhere in the City. And its chic, laid-back ambience made it the perfect place to go to unwind and have a great meal with friends.

A person walking by last night stopped and told us, "It just closed last week all of a sudden. I used to go there once a week." He seemed as disheartened by this as we were.

If anyone knows what happened to Mood, drop me a line, I'd love to know. I just hope they are able to open again somewhere else in the City —hopefully, of course, either in Kew Gardens or right here in Forest Hills. Unfortunately, I assume hopes of that are slim. There was no sign on the restaurant announcing they were moving. So something pretty bad happened to the proprietors, causing them to shut down their restaurant immediately. It doesn't leave me with much hope that we will be seeing a new incarnation of Mood any time soon.

I only wish we had more restaurants of the quality of Mood here in Forest Hills. That would surely mean we were stepping things up a notch.

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  1. I lived in Georgia and my Daughter & Son-In-Law used to take me there when I came to visit, and i loved the food and I thought the owners were pretty cool also,they will be truly missed.