Tuesday, April 10, 2012

City Testing Smart Phone Booths

City ‘i’s new phone booths
"The public pay phone of the future looks like a gigantic iPad.
The city plans to unveil 32-inch “smart screens” with Internet connections next month inside 250 old phone booths throughout the five boroughs."


  1. I believe one will be installed at the northwest corne of Austin St and Continental Av...by Citibank

  2. All the while, there are active permits for Verizon to replace and fix broken pay phones to maintain their existing franchise agreements.

    I am not against them doing this. Might as well get with the times.

  3. Also I am presuming, these devices will have security protection especially because the infrastructure is already in place.

    So between that and the fact the city can powerwash these devices, I don't see these as any worse than the existing payphone system and in fact are better and technologically can do more for city residents.

    So lets get with the times and convert all phone booths to this after the Verizon franchise agreement is completed if the project is successful.

  4. I saw a video with the devices. They are quite large and look like they are well secured and can be cleaned quite easily.

    I say lets do it.

  5. Except for the OTB people who are long gone, who uses public phones these days? I'd rather ask a kind stranger for a borrow than deal with those tired old things. Smart screens are they way to go.