Monday, April 23, 2012

Ongoing Construction Mysteries

Wow, there are so many construction sites currently in Forest Hills that haven't yet gone public with what they will eventually be. Here's a quick round up:

  1. The Body Shop (?)
  2. Mandee's/Annie Sez (?)
  3. Kaplan space next to new 718 restaurant (?)
  4. OTB space (Red Mango and ?)
  5. Q Bistro (Wine bar/restaurant?)
  6. Sister Unn's (?)
  7. Block next to Key Food (CVS?/new co-op)

I probably have forgotten something... Fill me in if you know what any of these will be for sure. Hard to keep track.


  1. 2nd floor of Mandee's/Annie Sez will be Bilinguals Inc

  2. Red Mango will be one of the best new additions to Forest Hills. May it follow in the success of the Rego Park Mall's branch of Red Mango. Healthy yogurt and self-service should indeed be what it's all about.

  3. It looks like construction next to the Key food has been stagnant for a while. Not sure why. Weather certainly not a reason.

  4. The S+B Mens Warehouse space where the supermarket is has been empty for a long time.