Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Facebook Page for Forest Hills' New Red Mango

As already mentioned on this blog, the frozen yogurt chain Red Mango will be coming in to the space where the OTB used to be.
Here's the link to a Facebook page for the Forest Hills location:


  1. Hard for me to get excited about this. I prefer 16 handles because of price. The Red Mango by my job in the UES is 4.50 for a small froyo +50 cents for the first topping and +75 cents for every topping after...

    If that price structure is the same in Forest Hills I'll be passing, especially since you posted about job apps for 16 handles in Forest Hills. I never spend more than 5 dollars at the UES 16 handles.

  2. hard to get excited about any frozen yogurt as the austin st area already has 2

    1. That's because you are using frozen yogurt as a replacement for other things in your life. Once you come to terms with THAT you will once again be excited. And it will not matter if FoHi has 2, 3, or even 4 frozen yogurt outlets! Even 1 will get you extremely excited!!

    2. Ha Ha ..perhaps! I will keep you posted ;)

  3. Someone said Red Mango and a 7-11 are coming in.

    Won't this 7-11 kill sales at the other 7-11 nearby? Inventory is always full at the other location but they do see consistent customers.

    Sure this 7-11 is closer than the other one and right by the main continental subway stop assuming that comes in along with Red Mango.

    What is boggling is that the prime locations like these seem to have all turned into food locations. 7-11 is mostly food related as Red Mango is.

    While I am not against a 7-11 or Red Mango in this neighborhood, wouldnt you think food would make more sense on Austin Street?

  4. speaking of lots of frozen yogurt options there was a frozen yogurt truck on Austin st today too..I am still not excited Drake!