Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More on Gourmet Food Store

DNAInfo.com reports the new gourmet food store Cucina, near the corner of Austin and 71st Continental will be opening within the next two months and will offer olive oils, caviar, spreads, imported beers and host wine tastings. (No sandwiches? I sure do hope they either forgot to mention them, or will be adding them eventually.)

The article also has details about the new Second Time Around store that recently opened. 
New Austin Street Consignment Store Sells Designer Looks for Less


  1. Host wine tastings? This space is the size of a closet. How many people at a time will be able to taste the wine - 1?

    1. Dude, chill. They have wine tastings at vino and that store isn't much larger. Perhaps you've never been to a wine tasting at a store but not much space is required. They said tasting, not cocktail party, you don't need enough space for people to mill around for an hour. Besides, if you're so certain this place is going to flop, then why assume more than one person will be there?

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  3. From the description, I think this store can be a nice addition to the neighborhood and seems to be a good "sister" store to Mr. Vino.

    I hope they have olive oil tastings as well!