Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grace Meng Wins Democratic Primary

Grace Meng has won the Democratic Primary in our Congressional District.
Congratulations to a fellow U of M alumni. Go Blue !!

I am also quite happy to report that Bob Turner lost the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate! That guy was really rubbing me the wrong way in this last election. I mean, if you hold a position, at least have the decency to be proud of it! Did it really have to take like a year or more of ducking questions before you finally admitted you wanted to repeal the marriage rights of thousands of gay New Yorkers?
Sir, we really expect the people we elect to office to be at least be upfront with us about their positions—however disgusting, repulsive and outdated they are.


  1. Who is Grace Meng? Every morning for the past month, I've seen all the other candidates at the 71st Ave/Continental subway station, schmoozing the electorate, except Grace Meng. Doesn't seem like she cares much about Forest Hills.

    Drake - please don't delete this post like you do some of my other posts which don't give you a thumbs up or disagree with you. It seems like you don't believe in free speech and civil rights (like Bob Turner).

  2. Agreed on Drake being extremely condescending and narrow minded to any views that don't echo his own , but it's his blog and he can do what he wants. Start your own if you want your viewing heard.