Monday, August 27, 2012

Proposals Rejected for Stadium

Seems like members of the West Side Tennis Club have decided to selfishly deny residents of Forest Hills future use of the Tennis Stadium as a center for music, theater and other arts. So sad. So disappointing. But, at least there's still some hope. The latest proposal would at least not touch a hair on the famous, iconic Stadium which is so well-known it was even recently the setting for an episode of Mad Men.

I'm glad the members have at least not decided to just sell it off to builders who would demolish it (to me, that would be as horrible an act as what was done to the original Penn Station. And look how that turned out. Today, you get to circumnavigate claustrophobic tunnels more fit for rats than humans. You used to catch your trains in a palace, a sister to the gorgeous Grand Central Station we thankfully still have today. But I digress...)

I'm also very glad that local City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz has come around and called for the use of the stadium in a manner that can benefit all of the residents of the community.

Here's the article with this information: Forest Hills Courts Could Be Sold

Oh, and by the way, you're welcome for providing you with enough laughter to get your Monday off to a rip-roaring start. Yes, I too laugh hysterically every time I read that the Landmarks Preservation Commission rejected a proposal to make this amazing stadium - so pivotal in the history of sports in the United States and architecture overall - a landmark, thereby protecting it from demolition. After, all (excuse me, the laughing hurts so much I can barely type), what better structure to deny landmark status too, then a landmark? Ha!!


  1. I feel like the WSTC will continually reject anything that is open to the public. They don't want a community anything because it may attract the "wrong" kind of people because it "happened that one time when that thing opened up. etc etc etc" It's a shame. Forest Hills is pretty but there's very few things to do for people who don't have a car.
    I was in Woodside and Astoria this weekend and there were endless bars and restaurants open at 2:30. I had dinner and four drinks from 10-3:30 and I spent $40 including tip. The only way I could do that in FoHi is if I drank water only.

    People need to get over the whole "We don't want to attract the wrong kind of people from other neighborhoods" There are plenty of jerks who call FoHi home.

  2. What amazes me the most about this is that WSTC is able to pay for tv ads, but don't have the money to do any work on the stadium.

  3. I understand their reasons for not wanting to turn it into a concert venue, Forest Hills doesn't have the parking or the infrastructure to allow for thousands of folks to descend all at once. I remember when a concert was held there in the nineties, it was horrible, so crowded and the subway stop became a nightmare. I can't imagine the noise of a concert letting out at midnight would bring. People pay a premium to have homes in The Gardens because its one of the last quiet places in the city limits, they don't want that ruined and I stand with them on that.

  4. I have great memories of the Stadium. I saw Eurythmics and Howard Jones play there in 1984 in which it rained during the entire show. It was fun, nonetheless. I really do hope they do something with the structure - it's a nice piece of FH history and should be respected and preserved..