Monday, August 27, 2012

Poll Results

Here are the results so far from the August 14th poll that asked: "What do you dislike most about living in Forest Hills?"

216 people responded

1. The Supermarkets (47 votes)
2. Not enough fun stuff to do (45 votes)
3. Not enough good restaurants (40)
4. Queens Blvd. (32)
5. Not enough good take-out places (24)
6. The Shopping (14)
7. Other (14)

Hmmm, looking these over it occurred to me that a Whole Foods where the stalled construction site is on the north side of Queens Blvd. near something called a "Key Food" would solve most of these complaints, wouldn't it? Are you reading this Mr. Whole Foods? This is just a small, rinky dink blog so you can assume there's like another 10,000 non-voters living in Forest Hills for every vote in my poll. You do the math!

And here are the write-in responses:

Other Answers
the new homes being built
Basement flooding
the projected Windsor II
the narrow sidewalks on Austin St.
Rude people who take over the entire sidewalk
Rude residents
lots of grumpy people
need more daycare centers
not enough fitness center options
No Chipotles
Not enough coffee shops or cafes for writerss

I had to just remove one racist answer - not bad!! Keep it up guys!


  1. Need to remove another answer:

    No Chipotles.... Chipotle is coming and has been permitted for on Austin Street. Shouldn't take long to build.

    1. Um... happy to remove racist filth. But see no reason to remove people's hopes and dreams, especially when they are being fulfilled. And what better to dream about than a taco?