Friday, August 24, 2012

The Apple iPhone Patent Case

This makes me so incredibly happy!
From the NY Times:
Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case
The jury found that Samsung infringed upon a series of Apple patents on mobile devices, in a closely watched court case that could have broad implications for the industry.

I despise, DESPISE, copycats! I HATE IT when companies, people, whomever, just blatantly rip off someone else's idea. For years now, every time someone took out their Android phone and showed it to me, saying, "Look! It's so much better than the iPhone!!! Isn't it great??" I always thought to myself, "It's a freakin' illegal copy you moron! Don't you have any respect for ingenuity???"
Steve Jobs said that Android was "a stolen product." I hope he's resting easier tonight.


  1. Copycats? A square phone with rounded edges? How is that non-obvious to be a patent. And how do you even patent a shape?

    It's clear your anti-Android. Not to mention you can't confuse the one with the other since A) iphones are smaller and B) Samsung is plastered on the front of a Samsung Phone.

    Well newsflash, all these companies are copying each other. Apple was not the first to have multitouch [Bell Labs], nor is it's new "notification center" an innovation on their part, it was clearly copied from Android.

    I recommend you read up on this article:

  2. The first ever smartphone was actually the blackberry, so they're all copycats in that sense. I prefer android because you can actually view Flash websites (I don't know why Steve jobs had such a problem with it) and you have options regarding where to buy music and media (sorry but iTunes constantly crashes my computer. It's a PITA) and I don't feel like I'm constantly having to do what the gods at apple say I should do (like avoid websites using Flash apparently). Also the Samsung galaxy has some great new feature (my phone recognizes my face and unlocks only for me!!!) that apple doesn't. Touch screens aren't an apple invention, smartphones aren't either. What they're suin over are incidentals such as the zoom in or out features. Usually I agree with you, but you really should take a good look at android before you judge. Btw, apple is getting rid of google maps?! So ridiculous. Glad I have an android.

  3. You really should think before you post; but your opinionated, you can't help yourself. The lawsuit was against Samsung a manufacturer of smart phones and numerous other devices. Samsung smartphones happen to run on the Android Operating system. Android is a Google software application. Google was not the defendant in this case, nor we're the dozens of other manufacturers that utilize the Android platform. So try to get your facts straight before you publish?


    1. Read the coverage. Educate yourself. And stop being insulting, or I'll delete you in a second.

  4. This comment was taken from NYMAG.COM by Kevin Roose. "I rooted for Apple in this case because the mobile device industry has, for the better part of the last decade, amounted to a lazy, industry-wide game of catch-up. (Step one: Apple makes a groundbreaking product. Step two: Competitors spend the next six months throwing together half-baked simulacra of said Apple product. Step three: Tech reviewers deride the ways in which the knockoff gadgets depart from Apple's ideal, while praising the ways in which the two devices are alike.) And it's time for other smartphone makers to break the Apple-chasing cycle, for their sakes and ours.

  5. Go Apple!