Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What is Queens?

Well, according to The Lite Choice low-fat ice cream chain, Queens is, well Queens. That is all well and good, except its website's locations page has an entire section for stores in New York City. So, I ask you, why isn't our Forest Hills location listed there?

This is one of my big pet peeves. It is not very hard to grasp that Queens is one of the five boroughs of New York City. It's not it's own entity, other than being a borough, and therefore does not merit its own sub-heading on your locations page, Lite Choice people.

While I'm on the subject, just to point it out, Queens is also not a part of Long Island. Geographically, yes, it is, physically in fact part of the western portion of Long Island. But politically, again, it is a borough of New York City. We have no government in common with Long Island.

It's always amused me that certain entities in our neighborhood try to blur the lines between Forest Hills, Queens and Long Island, as if we are somehow the third county of Long Island. I guess I could understand that when the City was suffering through its period of urban blight. But that hasn't been the case for decades now. So, let's get things straight. If you think Queens is part of Long Island, or is its own entity somehow, you are misinformed and just plain wrong. If you want for some reason to believe that by living in Forest Hills you are living on Long Island, you are dating yourself by more than a decade or so. There hasn't been any good reason to think that since like 1998.


  1. Where is the Lite Choice ice cream place?

  2. It's in the mini mall at 5 Continental. It's a bit of a stretch to call what they sell ice cream, though it is a dairy product.

    1. Why is it a bit of a stretch to call low-fat ice cream, ice cream? Educate me.

  3. TLC doesn't use the word ice cream anywhere on its own website. Their product just doesn't have the mouth-feel of ice cream. It's on the thin side, which I guess is ok for a low fat product!

  4. So, to review: Lite Choice isn't really ice cream, and Queens isn't really New York City. So if I go there I'll have no idea what I'm eating or where I am. Got it ...

  5. when people think NYC they think Manhattan..even I do and I have lived in NY(LI, Brooklyn & Queens) all my life technically though living in one of the boros does make us NYC residents so we get to be lucky enough to pay that ridiculous NYC residency tax yet we have none of the perks of actually living in Manhattan..go figure!

  6. If you click the link again, you will notice that the Forest Hills IS mentioned under the Queens location. Perhaps they heard your grievance???

  7. Just because "when people think NYC they think Manhattan" doesn't mean it's accurate, or that we have to play along. There are A LOT of things "people think" that are stupid and inaccurate. Queens is a borough of NYC, just like Manhattan; it's not just a "technicality." Manhattan is *part* of NYC, as is Queens. I personally don't care what tourists think (they think NYC is Times Square... so is it?).

    Can you vote for the mayor? Yes? Then you live in NYC. And exactly what "perks of living in Manhattan" don't we get? Noise? Crowds? Standstill traffic? Astronomical rents? Unaffordable everything? No thank you. I lived in Manhattan for 5 years and don't miss it at all. Working there is enough.