Thursday, September 13, 2012


Kind of convenient for the Republicans, isn't it, that suddenly there's all this anti-American tumult in the Middle East. Also kind of convenient that it should suddenly happen right on the heels of President Obama's big post-convention bounce. Also, kind of interesting that it hits Obama at one of his strengths: foreign policy. Also, kind of interesting that it was all started by a trailer on youtube for a movie that doesn't seem to actually exist. Also, kind of interesting this trailer was made by some mystery man with what seems to be a false identity. Also, kind of interesting that the trailer appears to have been funded by right-wing activists. Hmmm, coincidence? More likely Mitt Romney's October Surprise come a month early, and meant to derail Obama's momentum after his awesome Convention, and Romney's disastrous one. 

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  1. Yikes yikes! Go off the deep end much?

    People like you are as much of a problem for our country as wackos on the right are. Horrible