Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chinese / Mexican Take Out, or Something

By the way, last evening, having survived some type of stomach illness I had since Thanksgiving, I decided to celebrate by opening up my extensive binder of Forest Hills takeout menus and ordering from that unique eatery most dear to the heart of all of us New Yorkers - the "no-name Mexican/Chinese food takeout place!" You know, the place that somehow manages to give you a lot of food and the check always comes out to about $2 somehow?

I ordered nachos with everything on it and two hard shell chicken tacos.

I have to say, in a still Chipotless Forest Hills, or shall I say, pre-Chipotle Forest Hills? Whatever... that Chinese/Mexican place is just what the doctor ordered!!! (The one on Austin anyway. Can't vouch for the one on Queens Blvd. Even I am not that crazy.)


  1. Maybe this is why you seem to get stomach illnesses.

    1. Spot on. My wife and I used to call those places, which are a chain throughout the city, "cheap Mexican." For eight years I always enjoyed eating it, and then felt like shit 20 minutes later. I have since thrown out the menu and deleted the number from my phone!! Gotta love getting Mexican food from a Chinese people, in Chinese take out containers

    2. By the way, nowhere in my post did I say I felt ill after eating from the Chinese/Mexican place. Quite the contrary, I felt fine. I was sick before eating there, as I wrote. In fact, I was quite pleasantly surprised at how perfectly fine the food was from the Chinese/Mexican outlet. I've eaten at these places several times over the years and usually the food is ok, not gourmet, but considering how inexpensive it is, it is one of those unique eateries local to NYC. Now, who decided that Chinese food and Mexican food should both be sold from the same restaurant, as if those two cuisines have anything to do with each other, is another mystery entirely. What's next? Indian/Italian? Kosher Deli/Japanese?

  2. CHIPOTLES can't come soon enough!!!

  3. Stomach issues; what do you expect when you eat in Gloria's. kidding aside, if you are willing to eat from the Chinese Mexicans; have you ever tried the taco truck on Continental? What about the Halal Guy? They are both better then Chinese Mexican, they're quick, fresh and CHEAP. The Halal guy will always give me a lot of salad in lieu of the rice.


  4. When I was in Barcelona, I couldn't find a pizza place that didn't also sell Gyros if that makes any sense...or maybe that was Madrid.