Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Wow there's shit on TV these days, isn't there?

By the way, there's a lot of hype about this new show on NBC, Revolution. I've been watching it and I don't exactly know why I continue to except that there is so little on TV to watch, and I am soooo starved for anything like sci-fi that I still watch it. But honestly, here's the show in a nutshell: They get cornered, fight their way out, get cornered again, fight their way out, get cornered, fight their way out... pretty much it. Oh wait. They get cornered AND threatened by someone who looks scary, fight their way out...Oh, wait, they get cornered again, threatened by someone scary, shot at by someone who has just terrible aim or is maybe partially blind and hits the wall instead, and then they fight their way out.... repeat...

I have been really, really liking the new webisodes of the Battlestar Galactica spinoff prequel, Blood & Chrome, that has been showing on Youtube. Now that's some awesome shit. Here's the first episode for ya'all...

Oh, and I was either dreaming or I actually read somewhere that NBC is planning a new TV drama about, drumroll please, George Washington, to debut sometime next year I think. WHAAAT??? Now that is an amazing idea if I ever heard one. I've been waiting for them to do an historical drama of some type. Seems like we haven't had it on network TV like, I don't know, maybe since I was born?? I think AMC is also readying some other period dramas as well that look really interesting... So, I guess TV sucks big-time now, but maybe thinks are picking up...
Oh, and there's always The Walking Dead. That show continues to kick ass. I also always have my DVD collection of the entire Star Trek TNG series. That always comes in handy in a pinch. Engage!


  1. Have you watched "Homeland" or "American Horror Story"? There's plenty of good television, why you would waste your time with "Revolution" is beyond me. FX has a show debuting in January called "The Americans" about Soviet spies working in the US during the 80's. That sounds exciting.

    1. I can't subscribe to another movie channel (Showtime) just to get one show (Homeland). No, not on a blogger's salary.

      As for Horror Story, I was intrigued by that one. Maybe I'll give it a try.

      My point is that I have like 500 channels and I swear to god on an average night there is absolutely nothing of interest to watch.... My mind automatically skips over all of the garbage "reality" shit and I haven't watched one of those American Voice shows in ages, ever since they deteriorated into tabloid crap about the judges pissing each other off... so what's left? The History Channel is all about martians these days so I stopped watching that channel years ago. It used to be about History....

  2. Re "historical" dramas, a number of years ago on HBO there was Rome for two seasons which focused on, among other things, Caeser and Antony.

  3. I agree with the previous poster; American Horror Story is a great show and I think it's above-average TV. I recommend it highly.

  4. You have my sympathy about being reluctant to add a premium channel. With a $200+/monthly cable bill it seems like there is nothing to watch. I love the series that are available on HBO, Showtime & Starz; but the movies are all garbage. But if you have basic cable, there are many good options:

    Mad Men - AMC
    Breaking Bad - AMC
    Copper - BBC America
    Justified -FX
    Sons of Anarchy - FX
    The Closer/Major Crimes - TNT
    Southland - TNT

    With any of these basic cable shows you can usually find them On Demand, but the DVR is a must. Lets not forget Dowton Abbey.