Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Green Market's Winter Break

12:30 p.m. Update: I just found out the Green Market has been extended until December 23rd!!

If I'm recalling correctly, the much-loved Forest Hills Green Market goes on winter break after today, returning in the Spring. It will be greatly missed. I, for one, will be paying it a visit shortly to stock up on as many of their delicious apples as I can carry. They are so much better than any I can find in the local stores.

It was so great to see how our Green Market was embraced by the neighborhood, especially after the failed attempt a couple of years ago to start it up down on Metropolitan Ave. If there was ever a case of "location, location, location," this was it. Simply moving it to the front of the post office, where the vast majority of Forest Hills residents now have easy access to it, made all the difference in the world.

It was also so nice to see how it gradually built on itself, going from several vendors selling mostly veggies that first weekend, to vendors selling everything from fruit to bread to meats and wines to dairy. I loved that weekend where there was even a local musician playing there as well.

And last weekend saw it start to expand to housewares, with this charming new Lavender vendor. What a great addition to our neighborhood the Forest Hills Green Market has been.


  1. Apparently it's been extending into December...

  2. My wife and I really enjoyed the market and the apples are really amazing! There is also great pecan bread which we have been getting. And in case you need a market on a Saturday, sunnyside has one also and its been extended until Christmas as well.

  3. The Forest Hills Greenmarket will be OPEN until December, 23rd!