Friday, March 29, 2013

Mayoral Race Heating Up...

... Or, at least one of the candidates is. This profile of Christine Quinn--and her temper--is getting a lot of buzz since it appeared in The Times several days ago. Not being personally very impressed by Mrs. Quinn thus far, I was ready to come away after reading it with even more dislike for her. But honestly, after reading it I'm not so sure. Is this the kind of person that is needed to govern a city like New York? Or would her rather autocratic governing style be disastrous for the City? Is she motivated by her passion for the issues, or her passion for unadulterated power? What do you all think?

Offstage, Quinn Isn’t Afraid to Let Fury Fly
Christine C. Quinn, the mayoral candidate and City Council speaker, is known for her boisterous personality, but colleagues say they are often stunned by her temper.

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  1. I think she stands for nothing. She has already proven her disdain for the public will after disregarding our vote on Bloomberg's third term. Last week she was against mandatory paid sick leave. Today she is for it. Who knows where she will be tomorrow. I think someone so openly petty and vindictive might not be the right person to lead our city.