Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Suncycle Studios Banter Brunch Ride


  1. Ooooooo, what a fun idea. And I appreciate the love from business owners who see the potential of promoting and collaborating with one another. Sure, the Irish pub will probably smell like a locker room by the time brunch is over (kidding of course), but I look forward to signing up.

    - D

  2. It's time that someone said out loud what everyone is thinking deep down and this message is addressed to you ... MUSLIM friends.
    I'm a non-practising Christian and I don't hit people over the head with it. It's not because I believe in God that I have to put aside the values I've been taught.
    You leave your respective countries because of dictatorship, war, violence, hatred and death.
    You come to establish yourselves among us, to be able to flee all that and live happily, in health, sheltered from everything you left behind.
    And now you expect to import all your ideas into your home where we give you everything you need to help you integrate!
    We give you a roof, food, money.
    We register you in a school so you can learn the language, we help you acquire the best knowledge of our country, your studies are paid for to help your integration on the labour market.
    But according to you it's still not ENOUGH!
    But I say to you: it's ENOUGH!!!
    Enough of wanting to change our customs and traditions, enough of bullying our rights and liberties because it's against your religion, enough of calling us racist because we don't like your way of doing things.
    Why do you come to your country if it is only to try and change it into the image of the country you fled?
    We are offering you hospitality, which means it is up to you to conform to your traditions and customs.
    When a foreigner comes to live in your country, he has to respect your traditions, your customs and when he doesn't respect them it is even punishable by death in some of your countries!!! And we Europeans have to let you change everything without saying anything???
    Go back to your own countries if our traditions and customs displease you so much!
    You get up our noses by wanting to change everything though you weren't capable of doing it in your own countries!
    Who are the real racists do you think?
    A racist is a person who doesn't like people of another nationality. Inverting the roles are you?
    Integrate or beat it!

    1. Maybe you should get some serious help, or you beat it. Leaving this up just as a warning to the psycho crap I will be immediately deleting in the future. And, please, get some much needed therapy, for the sake of all of us!

    2. Wow, that person is cray cray!

    3. Interesting you didn't just delete their rant, Drake.

  3. Too many people in NYC are bat crazy unfortunately.

    Israel is the place to be.

  4. Crossing Queens Blvd.May 1, 2013 at 8:01 AM

    Someone clearly has issues with cycling, brunch, or both!

  5. Last I checked, Europeans weren't the first occupants of the land now called the United States...