Thursday, May 16, 2013

Still Open, and Closed

I found myself recently visiting the Austin Street "Mall" after quite a while away and it was interesting to note a couple of things:

Common Space is long gone, having been closed back in March for some reason by the Health Department. I never got a chance to eat or drink there, despite a quick visit one evening. I especially liked their nice outdoor space in the back. This would make a good space for another restaurant, or maybe that indie coffe place so many of us have been dreaming about. It even has the space outback which would be perfect! And, given its slot upstairs in the "Mall," I'm thinking it just might be a bit more affordable for some entrepreneur to make happen than a space right on ground level on Austin St.

And, despite some predictions to the contrary, it looks like Corfu Grill, the smaller Greek restaurant, is holding its own even though Agora Taverna opened just a few feet away. When Agora first opened, I had my doubts Corfu would survive very long. But I think part of the reason it may have is that Agora is so much pricier. And, I also wonder if a big part of the reason is that, sadly, Agora just isn't the amazing Greek restaurant so many of us had hoped for. Sure, some of its dishes are really good, especially when it comes to fish and seafood. But I have been super-disappointed by other entrees, such as chicken dishes. A bland, easily forgettable chicken kabob in a Greek restaurant? What?? How does that happen? When you're paying the prices Agora is charging, the food really should be worth it. Yes, it sure is a beautiful restaurant they built, no doubt about that. But if the food just isn't worth the price, I don't care how pretty the place is.


  1. The chicken kabob is quite good and service at Agora is top notch.

    No problems with Agora at all. Corfu's food is worse as is service.

    As far as Common Space, just means the space can open up for something better.

    1. I've had fish and seafood there, which I liked very much. Shrimp dishes are good, and I really liked the Branzini (whole fish). I also thought the Filet Mignon kabob was good. All of those dishes I like. I also like their Greek salad. The only one I found lacking was the chicken kabob, which is a pretty straightforward dish that anyone can easily decide whether they like or not. It was just ok, not memorable. Overall, I'd give Agora a B+ on the food side, an A+ for design/atmosphere.

  2. My family and I have loved Corfu since the beginning. I don't know how authentic it is, but every dish I have had there has been delicious, from the spinach pie to the gyro. And the lemon potatoes (though not always consistent) and the lentil soup are beyond compare!

  3. I agree...Corfu is delicious & reasonably priced...For GREAT Greek Seafood, Astoria is the place...abundance of great restaurants...especially Taverna Kyclades!!

  4. agora is OK and the food is somewhat decent, but i only go there with old people. if i have a choice i usually hit some other place

  5. I've had such horrendous service at Corfu over the past few years. I think the owner/manager is too arrogant to even realize what an issue it is. It's a shame because it's obvious that Austin St can support both the higher priced Agora and Corfu. I can justify paying more money to eat at Agora just so I don't have to deal with the lacking service at Corfu!

  6. Just mind the cash register, to hell with customer service and food quality.

  7. I ate at corfu recently and the salad tasted like raw fish, like the cut some fish cut the salad in the same place without washing down the area first. I won't be back. I'd gladly pay more at agora to avoid food poisoning.