Sunday, June 16, 2013

West Side Tennis Club Free Carnival

Was amused to see a flyer on the window of a local business for a huge celebration event at the West Side Tennis Club on Sunday, June 30th, a free carnival open to the public. Sounds like a lot of fun for all. The amused part comes because you'd think in 2013 an organization like the WSTC just might have the notion to email information about this event to the major bloggers in the neighborhood. Nope... When they finally do maybe Forest Hills will have joined the 21st Century along with most of the rest of the City!

By the way, I searched the internets for a copy of the flyer and couldn't find it anywhere. My iPhone ran out of juice when I saw it, otherwise I'd put a photo up. If anyone knows anything more about this event, or has a copy of the flyer, please email it to me at

Come on guys! Finding information about a major event open to the public shouldn't be this hard for the local blog in the year 2013!


  1. I'm guessing they want to keep it local

  2. Check your inbox. :)

  3. Yes, they want to keep the masses away and try to pick up new members from the few Gardens residents who aren't already members. Its a pretty bad way to go about things in my opinion.

  4. The WSTC currently has an initiative to attract younger members. They offer 50% price for people under 40. Its amazing how inept they are at understanding how people under 40 communicate in 2013 ?? Look on there website and the only information you can get on joining is a PDF with pictures and a number to call for membership?? No prices? No mention of discounts to potential younger members. Pathetic effort from a group of cranky old snobs.

  5. I don't believe this is a free event. Admission is 15.00. That is what it says on the flyer I read.

    1. Yep, look at my post with the flyer