Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New York Magazine Loves La Boulangerie

I forget which reader mentioned this a few weeks ago (Susan, I think?) , but I've been wanting to track it down for a while now, and now I have...


The Greatest Thing Since …

La Boulangerie’s Baguette

"Since its July opening, his modest shop has been like Macy’s on Black Friday. What’s all the fuss about? Croissants, pains au chocolat, naturally leavened boules, but most of all Danielo’s classic baguettes."


  1. Oh how I LOVE their baguettes! Even better than the ones I had in France, for real!!

  2. Boulangerie is the best thing to happen to FOHI since Danny Brown's. It does have the best baguettes. Why isn't more attention paid to this gem instead of focusing on Chipotle, drab pubs and some wing joint.

  3. Actually I think La Boulangerie is better than Danny Brown's in one specific criteria. Francois is a very sincere and gracious chef that is open to criticism and suggestion. Chef Danny not as much. When dining there once the server asked our opinion on a dish we very honestly but respectfully expressed our slight dismay. Danny's reaction was rather obnoxious. The poor server was caught in the middle. It was a very uncomfortable situation for all and could have been handled with a bit more graciousness by the chef.

  4. Yes, Francoise at Boulangerie is a real gentleman. He's always there looking for feedback and showing appreciation to his customers.

  5. La Boulangerie has gotten its fair share of attention on this blog over the past year plus. Not sure how much more one can say about it above and beyond what has already been mentioned.

    On 5/1 Drake even made certain to post the Mike Colameco show video which featured the establishment.

    La Boulangerie is great for what it is. Best baguette I've had in the States and when I have folks over for breakfast, I stock up on plenty of pastries.

    Would have loved to have seen it have a menu closer to that of Le Pain Quotidien, but the reality is that the location isn't large enough to support that sort of menu.

  6. I really like this place, though it is a bit pricey and the service is a nightmare. It should not take a lifetime to make a latte. The baguettes can be hard to get. I can't tell you how many times my husband gets behind a customer who needs the last six or so baguettes. They should really expand, though I'm not sure the space would allow that.

    1. Well, they are genuinely French and the French don't rush their food. Next time you go, just make believe you're on vacation in Paris.

      This morning, a lady was giving them hell because their special Bastille Day crepes were taking longer than she wanted. It was disgraceful behavior on her part. Talk about being self-absorbed! They are celebrating a holiday by making special delicious crepes for you and you are berating them! Atrocious behavior. I was so embarrassed for her.