Sunday, July 14, 2013

Newest Recommended Restaurant: Banter Irish Bar and Kitchen

I don't like to add a restaurant to my Recommended Restaurants page until I'm convinced it really deserves to be there. And that usually comes after eating there several times. I can confidently say that my newest addition to the page, Banter Irish Bar and Kitchen, definitely deserves its place on that page.

It could be all the times I've spent having a delicious cold craft brew while sitting at one of their outdoor tables. Or it could be my complete and total surprise to find that the baby back ribs I ordered there were fabulous, not just decent. Or it could be the sensational Asian Chicken Salad I just recently had there for lunch, which once again, had me shaking my head: "Wow! So we finally have a great place to get just about anything right here smack in the center of our neighborhood! It took long enough!" Or maybe it's just the excellent, really friendly service.

Yes, Banter has surprised and delighted me time and time again. And, it has only gotten better and better since it opened several months ago. I'm thrilled to include it on my Recommended Area Restaurants page. Congratulations!

Cool off outside with a delicious brew like this Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.

Banter's rack of baby back ribs over mashed potatoes with some slaw. To die for!

It was this fantastic Asian Chicken Salad that put Banter over the top for me.

Banter's cheese fries, for those looking for a hearty snack.


  1. Another great restaurant is Nick's Bistro. AmazonLocal is running a feature on them this week too for a great special......
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  2. Another great restaurant is Nick's Bistro. AmazonLocal is running a feature on them this week too that includes a great special.....

  3. whats the curled up stuff on the salad? noodles? that salad looks small.. is it or just the pic? what kind of dressing. it looks good but idk if id say great. i would like to give it a shot though!!

    1. Crispy noodles. It was a pretty big salad, quite filling. The dressing I think was a sesame ginger vinagrette. It was one of their $9 lunch specials. Definitely worth it!! Can't wait to have it again.

  4. Since it has been open for only a few months, I take it longevity means nothing when deciding what to recommend? I'd recommend it too, but could you be a bit premature?