Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mumford Concert Pics

Just a few pics from the amazing concert tonight. I'll post more tomorrow, probably in the afternoon some time. Was a great night...

And some of the press coverage:

Wall St. Journal: Mumford & Sons perform at Forest Hills reopening


  1. Show was overbooked by several thousand. Many angry ticket holders turned away.

  2. Refunds are being offered to those unable to get in. But yes they totally overbooked by at least 3500. This venue can't fit 18500.

  3. daughter and I had great time. We got there early, wound up three rows from the stage. She'll remember it forever. The bands were fantastic. Hopefully they will build on this for next year. Anyone know how hectic Austin St got after the show?

  4. Shame on the organizers for overselling!

  5. Most attendees headed straight for the LIRR or subway. Station House and Dirty Pierre's were busy

  6. Most attendees headed straight for the LIRR or subway. Station House and Dirty Pierre's were busy

  7. I was curious about how Austin St would be post-show, too. Here's what i saw:
    Banter had what was probably its biggest crowd yet. There were, by my estimation, probably 100 people there around 10:30pm (really rough estimate, could've been more). It was packed and there were people standing around in the "terrace" area outside.
    Station house was pretty packed (though that's not so uncommon) and Flying Pig had live music like Banter, though I couldn't tell from the outside how packed it was. Five Burro seemed to have a normal crowd and Tap House seemed pretty full.
    Irish Cottage, however, was PACKED! At least that's what I have to assume based on the huge crowd standing outside of the bar. I think the mediocre place across the street (so mediocre i don't even know its name) benefited from the overflow because even they seemed full.
    Jack & Nellie's i only glanced over at as I walked home and saw some people milling about in front.
    Keuka Cafe, the new kid on the block and a bit too far out to benefit from the post-concert crowd, had a handful of patrons (though probably none of which were non-local concertgoers).

    The rest of Austin St was as sleepy as ever around 1045: McDonald's wasn't packed but had a good number of people in it, as did Subway. Boston Market was closed and being cleaned, as was Haagen Dazs. The small Kebab (i think it's kebab at least) place by LIRR had a few people in it. Martha's was packed, as usual. Bonfire had a decent size crowd, too. I think the food carts on 71 Av did very well last night overall.

    Hope that helps! I think the concert (though totally overcrowded) was great for the neighborhood and I was happy it took place!