Monday, August 5, 2013

Stadium Preparations

Noticed this work going on at the Tennis Stadium over the weekend. I figure they are readying a new entrance along Burns St. to minimize the traffic flow near the residential area for the Mumford concert on Aug. 28th. And lo and behold the old Box Office near the former entrance on 69th Ave. is now gone. This is just my speculation, if anyone can confirm, please let us know below...

New entrance on Burns?

Old entrance with Box Office gone.
The old Stadium Box office has been dismantled


  1. You're correct... the NYT article you linked to when the news leaked back in June explicitly stated a new entrance away from the houses was being put in. I believe money was also being sent to replace the seating in the stadium bowl and for other infrastructure improvements.

  2. I hope the dept of Buildings is able to inspect the facility prior to any of the events scheduled? The last thing we need is a disaster in Forest Hills because a bankrupt tennis club decided to endanger 3,000 people's lives

    1. Buildings that old were built to last, unlike a lot of the flimsy stuff that gets built today. I always thought the "news" about the stadium being too old to host new events was exaggerated by certain interests and pols that wanted to knock it down and replace it with condos.

  3. Heard that event will be held to 9,000 attendees although stadium holds 14,000.

  4. The ticket booth was knocked down at least a year ago. I watched the demo walking my kids to school. I remember the weather was pleasant and it wasn't this last Spring, meaning it was probably either Spring or Fall '12.