Monday, October 28, 2013

Coming Soon to Forest Hills: Silk Cakes

Judy received her diploma in Classic Pastry Arts at the French Culinary Institute and worked as a pastry chef at the school's prestigious restaurant, L'Ecole as well as took on the coveted position of Cake Chef Instructor.
Silk Cakes launched in 2006 with its first store in Manhattan at 53 Ludlow Street. The company offers premium custom wedding cakes and specialty cakes. This first location in Manhattan is 'by appointment only' although they've had many customers stop by wanting to try their cakes. As a result, a couple of months ago, they decided that it was time to expand.

"We are very excited to share the news with you that Silk cakes will be opening a second location on 98-14 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY come late November 2013," the company says. "This location will be open to the public and include a retail cake boutique showcasing our most popular cakes in the top selling flavor combinations (see below). We also plan to offer premium coffee to complement our delectable cakes (our coffee options that we are considering are Stumptown or Hugh Jackman Laughing Man). Currently, the store is under renovations and is expected to be completed by in November."

Top Silk Cakes Flavor Combinations:
Chocolate cake with green tea buttercream & semi sweet chocolate truffle.
Red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream & semi sweet chocolate truffle.
Green tea cake with blueberry OR raspberry Buttercream & semi sweet chocolate truffle.
Yellow butter cake  with dulce de leche buttercream & white chocolate truffle.
Banana cake with nutella buttercream & semi sweet chocolate truffle.
Mocha cake with  raspberry buttercream & semi sweet chocolate truffle.
Yellow butter cake with vanilla bean buttercream & jasmine tea milk chocolate truffle.
Black sesame cake with peanut butter OR raspberry buttercream & semi sweet chocolate truffle.
Yuzu cake with green tea buttercream & green tea truffle.
Pandan cake with coconut buttercream & white chocolate truffle.
Thai Tea cake with condense milk buttercream & white chocolate truffle.


  1. I used to live off Metro and I miss it. (now I'm closer to QB.) That Avenue has everything! And it's also a bit of the Land that Time Forgot-- in a good way! The one thing that makes me mad at Metro is that every new building that goes up is set too far back so the sidewalks get no shade or shelter from wind and rain. That sucks. It's the DOBs fault. That corner at 71st and metro with the little strip of stores has parking in the front. What an afront to pedestrians!

  2. Just wait - there won't be any street parking there soon enough. Then the businesses will struggle.

  3. OMG can't wait!!! The combinations are mouth watering can't wait to have some now. Plus the cakes look really cool. Great addition to Metro