Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Big Squeeze

As someone who flies fairly often, I just love this. This is the reason we need newspapers, to reveal the kind of B.S. companies like airlines pull: The Incredible Shrinking Plane Seat

I also love how the legacy airlines advertise that if you get their credit card or sign up for this or that, you can check your first bag for free, as if that is this amazing gift they're giving us! You used to always let us check our first bags free until you took that away from us and made us pay for it just in the past few years! ARGH! Talk about Chutzpah!

>That's why, given the choice, I'll take the train any day...


  1. Air travel is just getting less and less appealing by the day. Air travel used to be held in higher regard by both the airlines and customers. Long time ago people used to wear jackets just for flying, nowadays people just roll into airports with sweatpants but I digress. I couldn't agree more that I'd take the train anyday, it's a more green way to travel. I really enjoy taking Amtrak to Boston, Philly and DC, sure beats being stuck in traffic. Just wish the rail system is as advanced in US as elsewhere in the world.

  2. Agree 100% trains over planes. However, the thing that still amazes me to this day is that I can buy a round trip plane ticket to most major cities for less then what we paid in the late 70's prior to deregulation. I'll never forget returning to school in Michigan with my sister after the winter recess, between the two of us we had about 15 parcels that we checked as baggage. Seeing how it was a domestic flight, there was no extra charge. The problem with charging for checked bags is that now people carry everything on board with them and some people seem to travel with the contents of their apartment. Also, prior to deregulation flying standby meant going to the gate and paying $50.00 to get on a plane that had open seats.