Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Annual Holiday Decorations Contest

With the holiday season beginning to bust out all over, now's a good a time as any to remind ya'all to email in your holiday decorations to edgeofthecity@gmail.com. This year we here at the Blog will select a few of the best and then put them up for a vote to all the readers and whoever wins, well you can say you had the best holiday decorations in all of Forest Hills (and nearby environs). How's that?


  1. SOMEONE has to do better than the tree in the top picture. Sorry Drake if that's your tree :X

    1. You've started off Christmas with exactly the wrong spirit. Somewhere out there, one of my readers is now completely unsure of his or her ability to put up holiday decorations this year. SHAME ON YOU!

    2. Oh PUHLEEASE, we're all big boys and girls, everyone will be just fine this holdiay season

    3. Um, I was joking? Guess I epic failed