Friday, April 4, 2014

Join the Queens Blvd. Restoration Group of Forest Hills & Rego Park!

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Open, Accepting Volunteers
The project will promote attention to our environment while at the same time enhance the appearance of our community and protect our trees. We will create a more uniform and dynamic look to our urban streetscape.

The Project

In an effort to enhance the streetscape of Continental Avenue and complement the tree beds maintained by local volunteers, our project aims to repair and replace several damaged tree guards. Continental Avenue is located in the heart of Forest Hills, home of America's first planned community and the birth of the U.S. Open.
We hope to improve the appearance of the area where thousands of commuters, shoppers, and diners pass through every day and at the same time continue to protect our cherished street trees.  

The Steps

Tree guards will be professionally replaced while volunteers enhance the tree pits along Continental Avenue.
Volunteers will be assigned jobs that include digging, planting, and mulching. This project will ultimately create an aesthetically pleasing look for the community while more importantly protecting our street trees.  

Why We're Doing It

The protection of street trees in an urban environment is of the utmost importance.  Trees help purify the air, absorb excess rain water and provide shade. They are an essential part of our urban environment. We hope to highlight this through our community project.

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