Saturday, April 26, 2014

Openings and Closings

Just some news from the past week while I was away:

- A reader spoke with the owner of the El Coyote Mexican restaurant, who says his new place in the Austin St. mall will be opening in about a month.

- @foresthills72 tweeted that Tuscan Hills' new place on Queens Blvd. will be called Ovosodo. I can't think of anything else in Forest Hills I am looking forward to more than the opening of this place (except to find out what the other concerts are at the Stadium this summer). Ovosodo will be going into the former Just Like Mother's space and is the place that will have Tuscan Hills' spectacular pizza and a variety of other foods.

Here's some details from the craigslist posting:
New restaurant in Forest hills looking for part time and full time employee.
Here are the position that we are looking for:
Line cook, Pizza man, dishwashers
Waiter, Waitress, busboy, Barista
Interview will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at 
110-60 queens boulevard(between Ascan Ave and 73rd road)
Subway take the F train and use the 75th avenue stop
Bring your resume, No Phone Calls 
Ask for Marco or Roberto
The name of the Restaurant is Ovosodo, but we still have no Awning

- We lost what could have been an amazing cultural gem as a movie theater showing indie films like Kew Gardens Cinema does when Brandon Cinemas on Austin finally closed its doors, to be replaced by, joy, some type of medical clinic.

- And work began on turning the former Bike Shop on Queens Blvd. into what one reader says is going to be a sneaker and sportswear store.


  1. nice, now we can have people get shot here over $250 Nike sneakers

    sorry to hear about the theater closing, i haven't been in there in years. i either go to Midway or to one of the nice theaters in Manhattan with the latest tech.
    and you can get indie movies at home for a lot less $$$

  2. While I share your sentiment with respect to an Art House Theatre; it's just as well. While I am sure it would find patronage; it would not be worth the risk to the Kew. With two Art Houses in that proximity you would be left with two weak businesses and end up losing both. I know it is not a convenient hike, but sometimes you just don't feel like going to the city.

  3. OVOSODO means hard boiled egg in Italian. Its also the name of a 1997 Italian film comedy. Looking forward to the opening.

  4. The marquee on the Brandon now says PD Pediatrics.. so yet another medical place.. how disappointing. I found that there more convenient and a better option than the multiplex Midway. I also think the neighborhood could have supported another Kew..

  5. As much as many of us didn't want another clinic, at least the one replacing the movie theater will be specifically for our kids, a pediatric clinic, which is helpful to parents in the area.

  6. Good to hear about El Coyote, am looking forward to an alternative to the long waits at 5 Burro.

  7. The Brandon was run down, dirty, and had stale popcorn!

  8. The Brandon was a sad movie theater. Even the ticket sellers (and takers) who were old as sin had no love for the place. It's like what happened to the Forest Hill was left for dead. It had potential, and unfortunately, the owners didn't care :(