Thursday, June 12, 2014

Next Forest Hills Stadium Summer Concert: Drake & Lil Wayne

Drake & Lil Wayne
Forest Hills Stadium Tuesday, August 19th, 7:00 pm
On Sale 6/21 10:00 am EDT


  1. Violent and derogatory song lyrics from this Rap duo. Odd that they were chosen. There will be some pushback I am sure.
    Zac Brown performs June 21st. Great Ametican Country/folk music!

  2. Bwaaaa ha haaaa! Drake is violent?

  3. No but Lil Wayne sure is. This is shocking!

  4. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that there is going to be diversity displayed in the acts performing here! I hope dance companies get booked, there's nothing like an outdoor dance performance. Cedar Lake Dance Company would be perfect!

  5. $69-$150! That's definitely the highest ticket prices for one of the 4 shows at the Stadium I've seen. Hopefully, that's not an indication of future shows, regardless of the acts.

    I agree with Anonymous though, these lyrics are violent! Read some of em..

    What difference does this difference in age make?
    I know how it ends... she'll kill me quick.
    Call 911.
    I'm already dead but someone should be caught
    and held responsible for this bloody mess.

    Call homicide. Take the case to court.
    Her lips taste like a loaded gun
    and I'm her number one chalk outline on the floor.

    They hung her from the bridge on Monday.
    The gathering turned into a mob out on the lawn.
    They dropped her body in the river.
    And school and work returned to normal before long...

    Wait, what's that? That's a song by Brand New? Oh, well, umm, nevermind

  6. I better call my insurance broker and up my coverage. WTC have lost their minds!

  7. This is such an odd choice, you'd think someone was trying to sabotage the whole venue. Seems to me, the best way to get a bunch of white people bent out of shape about the stadium is to have 10,000 black kids descend upon the community. -- @MrSpace

    1. Give people a little credit please.. and lighten up, it's just music.

    2. I read a few news articles about Lil Wayne concerts where there were stabbings, fights, and drug busts. Quite derogatory lyrics about women and blacks. Will be interesting to see if any of the ultra sensitive activists will stand up , especially those against use of the N and B words . I doubt they will .

    3. Since the "people" were the ones who submarined the concerts in the first place because of noise, disturbances, etc., I think they get no credit whatsoever. New Yorkers, especially older ones, complain more than any mammal in the Animal Kingdom. Whoever let this happen is ignorant of the history there. -- @MrSpace

  8. Let's hope this concert doesn't kill this nice little concert thing we have going on here. Odd choice in acts to have perform in the Forest Hills Stadium, but i'll be positive and hope for the best.

  9. I'd like to think nothing bad will happen but I honestly don't know many quiet, unassuming types who go to rap concerts. They tend to attract loud, rowdy and boorish types (from different races). Considering the rash of robberies and recent crime hikes in Queens, I hope the police and security are on high alert.

  10. Let me guess -- there will be lots of complaints about music, trash, etc. That's what you get when you won't let a private owner sell its dumpy stadium. That club could really have used the money. I'd love to see residents offer up the money so the club can actually be a gem worth bragging about. Instead, it's stuck with worn carpet and dull plates while we get to-bit concerts that are a joke.

  11. Putting the not-so-subtle racism in the previous line of comments aside for a moment, you all realize that these artists are a HUGE draw, right? Regardless of personal taste, the popularity of these rappers is higher than that of many of the other acts playing this summer. I mean the sky high price says it all. Usually this message board approves when the neighborhood gets a high-profile presence.

  12. Given there are so many young families in FH, why can't we have some family friendly shows, instead of Madison Sq Garden, it would be nice to walk to a show for a change. Personally this concert is an odd choice for the nabe and frankly not my cup of tea. Then again so far none of the lineup has interested me, still waiting...